After the first week of July, all the programs of Performing Life started again. Beside the normal programs of Performing Life, there were again nice extra activities for the Participants! This month started with 10 (!!) great volunteers from different countries and with different talents. With so many people, we could do a lot in terms of updating our website, preparing Escarlet‘s Campaign, visiting families, etc. It was a very successful and cheerfull month! Francy, a Colombian theater/dance teacher spent a week with us. She gave a workshop, helped in the Circus and School Support Program, and she also helped apply makeup and paint the faces of the children for the Cochabamba show in late July, where a large crowd gathered to see the children perform! Clara, our Spanish Volunteer, organized together with Adaly and other volunteers a Circus Olympics day where the children were given various exercises with which they could win nice prices (circus products)!
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To say that the month of June was a busy one for Performing Life would be an understatement. In addition the Circus Clases, our Educational Program, and family visits in the context of our Bracelet Program, Marye traveled to the Netherlands to represent Performing Life in a contest where we were selected as one of the three finalists. Unfortunately, we did not win the money, but Performing Life gained some great publicity! Marye was even invited to speak about Performing Life´s mission and achievements on a Dutch TV station! She also sold bracelets and CDs for the organization, making the trip more than worth it!
Back in Bolivia,
thanks to Fundación Alerta Verde, we now have two garden spaces in our satellite office in Montenegro. During a workshop the children received an extensive explanation on how to maintain their gardens. In addition to the vegetables the garden will produce, they also provide a great opportunity for the volunteers to give workshops in the Education Program on ecosystems, plant biology, and nutrition. Overall, it´s a great addition to our Montenegro office! Additionaly, like in May, the kids took part in a sexual education workshop, only this time organized by CUBE. Here, the children learned about the importance of respecting each other’s bodies and their right to control their own.  We have 4 new volunteers from the FSD organization: Jorge, Pieter, Camila and Danielle. June´s grand finale was the spectacular show that the children gave on World Juggling Day, the last Friday before vacation.

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May was another month full of action. There are new participants in the morning classes (boys from the  Tikipaya Wasi youth home), as part of our work with Cirque du Monde, Adaly was able to travel to Argentina for Social Circus Training, John went to Chile for new circus materials, and Marye had an interview with a Dutch radio station about the contest to win over 12,000 Euro in which we still participate.  There was a fantastic circus performance put on by the kids, PL youth received computer classes from our volunteer Henry, and participated in cinematography workshops (soon to result in a short film!) directed by volunteer Nayra. Youth took part in sexual education classes led by the organization IDH and last but not least we have some wonderful new volunteers who joined us this month! Mariam, Clara and Aaron have recently arrived and thanks to volunteer Manon, we now have a new format for our newsletter AND a new website!

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Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is helping us raise money by putting on a benefit event for Performing Life. We have been Gifted 50 tickets to the KURIOS show in in DENVER for July 2nd and 23rd. Please share with anyone you know in Denver. 100% of ticket sales go to benefit Performing Life. Tickets must be purchased using this link for funds to benefit PL.