May was another month full of action. There are new participants in the morning classes (boys from the TikipayaWasi youth home), as part of our work with Cirque du Monde, Adaly was able to travel to Argentina for Social Circus Training, John went to Chile for new circus materials, and Maryehad an interview with a Dutch radio station about the contest to win over 12,000 Euro in which we still participate. There was a fantastic circus performance put on by the kids, PL youth received computer classes from our volunteer Henry, and participated in cinematography workshops (soon to result in a short film!) directed by volunteerNayra. Youth took part in sexual education classes led by the organization IDHand last but not least we have some wonderful new volunteers who joined us this month! Mariam, Clara and Aaron have recently arrived and thanks to volunteerManon, we now have a new format for our newsletter AND a new website!

Check out the Newsletter of May 2015!