Raising money with bracelets and cheese at Parlana

Last night, the Performing Life grown-ups were at Parlana, Cochabamba’s language exchange night, selling bracelets and CDs made by the children. We also held a raffle for some rather excellent cheese!

Fun was had. Balls were juggled. And a TV crew interviewed Adalid about our work, so stay tuned for that next week.

Thanks to Parlana’s guests, we raised BOB515. All the bracelet money will go straight into the bank accounts of the children and mums who made them. Raffle and CD money will go towards our Christmas celebration for the families in our programme. This sum will really help us out with costs – thanks so much, Parlana!

The bracelets make a great, portable Christmas present. They’re hand-made by Performing Life’s member families and all profits go straight to them. Learn more about our bracelet programme here

We’re back at Parlana next week for another round, so come along and check it out! It’s at Muela del Diablo, a rock cafe which I’m assured does great food.