Our new Circus Director

Today is the first working day of our new Circus Director Daniela. Welcome in our team; eres muy bienvenida! The next months she will work together with Adaly and from 2016 she is the one who will manage the Circus Program. To know something more about her, here is a introduction;

My name is Daniela Vilar Franco, I was born in Sucre but have lived in Cochabamba since I was one year old. Our economic condition was always difficult, but my mother put us in academically and socially good schools. My father never participated in household responsibilities and problems with alcoholism and violence were present. This is one of the reasons why my mom and dad separated.

When I left school, I studied various subjects in different areas, through which I found the most appropriate subject that matched my interests; Cinematography. This career led me to documentary works in the streets and communities of Bolivia. After gaining experience in cinematography I have worked in the arts of street-circus in Bolivia for several years. Additionally, I have worked in circus with children from the streets and markets in several cities in Ecuador (Quito, Ibarra, Cuenca and Guayaquil). These experiences have taught me a lot about the reality that the children in Latin America face.

When I returned to Bolivia, after several years abroad, I met John and closely saw his work with the children of Cochabamba. I had the opportunity to teach acrobatics in the aerial tissue to one of the members of Performing Life, Adalid Coca, who was an excellent student!
A couple of months ago I heard that Performing Life was searching for a new director in the Circus Arts. I immediately felt free to send my curriculum because the work they do is of much interest to me both personally and professional. When I heard that I will be part of Performing Life it was one of the best news I received! I personally commit to do my job with all the enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility, initiative and professionalism it deserves and needs!

Daniela Franco Vilar