NEWSLETTER| August 2015

August happenings:

We have reached the $5000 goal for Escarlet’s crowdfunding campaign, we said goodbye to 10 volunteers, and we welcomed 1 great new volunteer. In the morning class there was an average of 18 children each day and in the afternoon 51 kids are attending. In our Bracelet Program 9 participants have invested money; of which 2 families started a small business, 1 family built a house consisting of two rooms, 4 families supported the education of their children, 1 family invested in acquiring a house on ‘Anticretico’  and 1 family used part of their money to improve the health of the mother.

Finally, last but not least; Tony Bellizzi, from the Hope for the Children Foundation, together with 5 young volunteers were our guests for 3.5 days for the annual HFC Mission Trip.

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